Does your image need a facelift? 

Use your next meeting to inspire, educate, and entertain a result driven message about improving one’s image and reducing the negative stereotypes
associated with an industry.

Selfies are all over the Internet, and they do impact business.

Let's face it, people forget about Image and it does impact a career. Let's educate your employee today.

Understanding Your Image and How it’s Created.

Motivational Speaker, Dale Obrochta intertwines comedic balloon art with proven strategies that illustrate how your image communicates to customers and perspective customers.

Understanding how your image develops can bring you greater success in business and life.

Allow Dale to make your employees learn, laugh, and be inspired about their image.

How an Image is Created

“Dale combines a highly entertaining presentation with valuable professional information.”Jan Bednarz, Robert Morris University

“Everyone was thoroughly entertained, and the way you brought the visual art of balloon twisting into your presentation was great!” – Gurnee Chamber of Commerce

“Dale's presentation is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving experience that put a smile on the faces of the advertising team -Brad Hanahan, Daily Herald

“Dale mixes imaginative humor and playful banter into his presentation. Like all great speakers, he made it look easy.- Tina Schwartz, Children’s Author

“You held the attention of our membership for the longest period of time I have witnessed” – Rotary Club of Westmont Program Chair


Intertwining the Message with Art

"We wear our image like a peacock wears its feathers" says Dale, as he intertwines long colorful balloons to help establish his point about how social interaction helps develop your "perceived" image.

The visual art captivates an audiences attention while making key points memorable.

Creative.  Fun.  Educational

With every tool extracted from his bag, people are brought to the edge of their seats in anticipation; laughter is heard with each joke. Every sculpture presented is a compliment to your great idea of hiring this unique speaker.

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